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Spirituality does wonders for a relationship. If both people in a relationship share similar spiritual views – loving harmony and magical chemistry can result.

God may not have intentions for us.There are two aspects to this – one is a social one. Generally, they always said “one man – one woman” in order to stabilize society. In parts of the world where they said “one man – several women,” they had to rule with a stronger hand to keep society stable. I will not go further into this. The other aspect is, all substances in existence have memory. Your body still actively remembers what happened a million years ago. Genetics is just memory. In indian culture, this physical memory is called runanubandha. It is your memory that binds you to things around you.

Your mind’s memory is miniscule compared to your body’s memory. If you just touch something or someone once, the mind might forget, but in the body, it is registered forever. When people have sex with each other, the mind may forget it, but the body will never forget. If you get a divorce, no matter how much you hate your spouse – still you will go through pain because the physical memory can never be lost.

The body needs stable memory – people feel this. Their spouse may not be physically great or intellectually great, they may be quarreling on the surface, but still they would sacrifice anything to be with them, because somewhere, they understand that this gives them maximum comfort and wellbeing. This is because our physical memory rules our life much, much more than our mental memory. The very way we are right now is ruled by our physical memory, not by our mental memory.Mental memory can be thrown away tomorrow morning, but we cannot throw our physical memory away. That would require a completely different level of spiritual evolution within us.Modern science says this, and in the yogic system, we have always known this: the five elements – water, air, earth and so on – have a strong sense of memory.

we can erase our physical memory through deep devotion or certain other practices.If we erase our physical memory, our body will become like that which matters most for us. The very shape of everything in we will change. That means we get rid of our genetic compulsions. When someone takes sanyas, the first thing is to do a certain process for the parents and forefathers. Normally, we conduct this process for dead, but for sanyasis, we do this even if the parents are still living. Not that we intend them to die – the idea is to wash off one’s physical memory.When the physical memories are aligned and balance is being reached, love making is not merely a series of moves. It’s a spiritual act where two spirits virtually intertwine. Their energies spiral together as one. In the spirit world, our energies can combine almost as one for a time. The same is true for love making in human form. Spiritual partners can let go and experience the high energy vibrational patterns as a far superior experience.
Exploring spirituality together has benefits beyond the scope of this article. Explore them together, with the right person, because if we both have faith in spirit and the oneness of universal creation, we will gain lasting faith in each other.