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Pisces should keep themselves ready for the upcoming New Moon coz this will change their lives and grant them some extra shine to be bright. The upcoming New Moon will be Super-moon for Pisces with some more effective shine. This will be the last New Moon or Super-moon for Pisces coz this year is moving rapidly to its end. But before the New Moon, the Pisces should be ready for this golden moment. He should keep a list ready for the New Moon. The list is important coz you may forget something which could be important to you.

So, here are some points the Pisces should add in his list for New Moon:

·         Pisces could be very sensitive at the time period of New Moon coz water is the power sign for Pisces so, this may make him more sensitive and emotional. So, prepare for this in advance so that you won’t feel extra sensitive while the time period of the New Moon.

·         This New Moon is the conjunct star of Chiron too, which is a kind of wound healer of the Milky-way. This means that some meaningful and necessary coincidences are going to happen in the life a Pisces. Some unusual and unexpected signals or hints will appear in your ways that will be normal. If you see such hints then it means that whatever you have wished from then New Moon has been accepted and the universe has started working on it.

·         Wear some unique and different colours like Violet or dark Blue for this New Moon to use more of this energy, you can also wear amethyst stone with those colours. These are the colours and the stone Pisces so, wearing them or using them in rituals of the New Moon will help you to use more energy of it.

·         This New Moon or this Super-moon will shower some extreme psychic energy for the Pisces to take advantage of. The light of the New Moon and The energy of the Pisces, both are very psychic at their places. This energy will help you to increase your instinct.

·         Make wishes but only those which are practically possible. You are not supposed to wish to become immortal or to become a superhero. You can make wishes like to help you to gain your focus back and help you to get rid of issues. New Moon is a powerful wish granter but you have to make wishes wisely and which are possible to make otherwise, you will complain later that new Moon did not fulfil your wishes.

·         Pisces always had many issues with the routine and predictability of their own. You are not suggested to make them worse. You can simply use this new Moon to redesign your routine and learn some better ways to focus on your predictability so, you can get better results.

·         This New Moon is the perfect time to start anything new in your life. This new start will with the new Moon make your social circle better and help you to balance your routine too. You can not reorganize your entire life coz this will just cause you frustration and waste of time. This will relocate your focus and drag you back from your current position. So, if you want to leave things and change your life then you should do this slowly.

·         Keep doing the changes but slowly coz the new Moon has disadvantages too like the advantages. So, keep doing everything rapidly will not be a good choice. Keep doing the changes in your life with this new Moon but in a proper way and slowly otherwise, you can mess up everything.

Now it sounds like you are ready for the New Moon or The Super-moon. Do not forget that this will be the last New Moon for you Pisces. If you will not harness the energy of this New Moon then you have to wait for next year, which will be a long-time period to wait and the other Zodiacs will move forward and you will be the one left behind. So, keep yourself ready for this New Moon and stay with others.